About me

Encaustic art

Who is Johan Briers

My name is Johan Briers. I live in a very little, picturesque village called Kesselt in Belgium. It’s very close to Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Encaustic is a very old technique. It was used thousands of years ago, but got forgotten during the Middle Ages. People used to mix hot wax with pigments and other ingredients to make a kind of ‘paint’. They used hot plates to make paintings. Nowadays, there are multiple electric tools that heat up to make different shapes.

I’ve been using the encaustic technique since December 2005. I started painting again in January 2015, after several years of absence. I make abstract paintings on a black background. The contrast between the bright colours and the black background gives my paintings depth. My paintings are very pure, originating from my emotions and each painting has a story to tell.

Enjoy my paintings